Spring in Gangsta Land

Well, it’s almost spring here in gangsta land. And you know what that means: ain’t nothing but a seed thing bayyy-buh.  In the past I’ve always used the 6×12 cell seed starting flats, but this year I though I’d try out something new.  I bought one of the seed starting kits that has the little dehydrated disks of peat moss. First, you begin by rehydrating the disks by pouring warm water into the bottom of the plastic container in which they sit. They will just about quadruple in volume right before your eyes.

 You then make a small divot in the middle of each ball of peat, and place in a few seeds at the recommended depths. Cover the seeds with some peat, put the clear plastic lid on, and walk away.
A few days later, chizzeck out my seedlings.

Now it’s time to thin them. Pull out all but the strongest seedling from each ball of peat.  Only the strong survive! You don’t want those weaklings taking nutrients from the strong ones.

The seedlings will need to be hardened off before they’re planted outside, but that’s a subject for another post. Gangsta, out.

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  1. Golden Cuke says:

    Dem streets evolution. Some Darwin shiz.



  2. Ninjabrotha says:

    Biggie be getting his rake on….rip


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