The House that Gangsta Built

Late last summer I began putting up a greenhouse from a kit that was gifted to me.  The images below show some of the stages of the project.  The first step was to establish a level foundation on which the greenhouse would sit.  Simple enough, right?  It would have been, except, if you notice in the pictures below, I chose a location not fifteen feet in front of three of my bee hives.  Act right, Gangsta!  Turns out, honey bees aren’t pumped about the idea of a swinging mattock directly in their flight path.  Bees must protect this house!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Thankfully, the bees would let me work in twenty-minute increments, which was just long enough to break a sweat, before stinging the enthusiasm right out of me.  In their defense, they usually sent out a warning shot first, where one or two guard bees would fly right at my head and get tangled in my hair, terrifyingly buzzing their way toward indefinite entanglement in the rats’ nest I call hair. Sadly, those brave few ladies met their demise with one swift, concussive blow to my temple. Oh, snap!

Now, as a beekeeper, you get used to the occasional sting.  They hurt less as you get more, but there’s just something about that spot right on the inside of your bicep that makes you want to saw your arm off.  But, I digress.

So along I went, twenty minutes at a time, until I could level the 4×4 foundation and anchor it to the ground.  Once I had ceased swinging the mattock, the bees didn’t take issue with me erecting a seven-ish foot structure in front of them. In fact, they adapted surprisingly well and began flying right over the top.  All-in-all, the assembly of the greenhouse took about 12 hours of work, but with two people I think it could easily have been completed in a solid afternoon’s work.

Next step: build and install raised beds.  But that’s a subject for another post.  Gangsta, out!

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  1. Ninjabrotha says:

    Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow!


  2. Mr. Street Rocks says:

    Mad pioneer kid. ‘Minds em of Oregano Trail.


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