Where Do My Bees Go?

The anticipation before you get your first package of bees is incredible.  You’re pumped about the impending adventure of beekeeping.  You’re pumped about learning about these little creatures that have managed to figure out how to work in a social society that can communicate and make democratic decisions.  Finally the day comes and get your…

First Things, First: AMARYLLIS!

This gangsta hates winter.  But, by now, you know that.  By late fall, when green has faded to brown, I start getting an itch.  I mean, it’s a serious itch.  I start hoarding indoor plants like a BOSS!  Do bosses hoard indoor plants? In order to scratch my itch, one of my go-to plants for winter…

Gangsta Quilt Box Construction

Some suggest propping the top cover open with popsicle sticks, using an open screened bottom board, and top entrances. All have pros and cons, but the moisture control that I think is best is the moisture quilt, or the quilt box.

Get Hard!

Hardening your seedlings is a requirement prior to transplanting them into their permanent homes, and you’ll want to begin the process a week or so before you plant them out. The process is fairly straight forward but does take some care and attention.

The Pollinators’ Fortune

Agastache Foeniculum, Anise Hyssop, or Agastache Blue Fortune (all the same plant) is one of my favorite perennials to this end. A member of the mint family, A. Foeniculum is easy to grow and flowers profusely from July through the killing frost.