First Things, First: AMARYLLIS!

This gangsta hates winter.  But, by now, you know that.  By late fall, when green has faded to brown, I start getting an itch.  I mean, it’s a serious itch.  I start hoarding indoor plants like a BOSS!  Do bosses hoard indoor plants? In order to scratch my itch, one of my go-to plants for winter is the Amaryllis.

Sometime before Christmas you’ll notice that the big box stores and nurseries start carrying brown onion-looking bulbs in the checkout line.  Get one. Get a planter, glass jar, or something similar.  The only requirement is that it has no drainage.  Put some rocks or marbles in the bottom of the container and place the bulb on top of it.  Fill the jar with water so that it just barely touches the bottom of the bulb.  If the bulb is sitting in water it will rot.  Then it will stink up your house. STANK.  Place it somewhere that gets partial to full sunlight.

That’s basically all there is to it.  Top off the water when it’s necessary, and sometime mid-to-late January, your Amaryllis will bloom.


The blooms will likely last for a week or two, provided you don’t let the bulb dry out.  When it’s finished blooming, cut the stalk an inch or two above the base.  You can save the bulb and try to rebloom it, but that’s a topic for another post.  Gangsta, out!

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  1. Tiger lily says:

    Arthur, matey.


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