When Swarming is Imminent

What up Gangstas? I got a call from a fellow beekeeper this week.  He wanted to make sure that he had prevented a swarm correctly.  He did not. Here’s how it went down.  He found a dozen or so queen cells that had larvae in them.  Realizing that swarming was imminent, he got himself a…

What is a ‘Swarm’, Anyway?

The word, ‘swarm’ is used somewhat colloquially. You’ll hear people describe a swarm of bees to describe a few bees buzzing about, or a ‘swarm’ of flies, or mosquitoes, or the anything else of the sort. But, let’s be certain. In beekeeping, a swarm is something very specific.

Puttin’ Five Carrots in my Baby Girl’s Ear

I took a chance when I sowed seeds in the greenhouse in early March considering our frost date is mid May. I planted cold season crops, like lettuces, carrots, snap peas, and broccoli, to name a few. I figured I’d be able to extend my growing season by, at best, a month. What I didn’t expect was that all the seeds would sprout and that, come late April, I’d already have an abundance.