How Not to Store Honey Frames

So now it’s this Gangsta’s turn to make a mistake.  This weekend was my spring honey harvest.  I had two medium supers and three shallows, all capped and ready to extract.  I also had five deep frames of capped honey.  The deep frames were pulled from the edges of the brood nest.  I did this about a month ago so that I could replace the frames with empty ones, thereby giving the queen more room to lay.

Pumped about the extra honey I was sure to get from these frames, I put them into an empty nuc and stored them in my basement.  Here’s what I did wrong: I did not freeze the frames to kill wax moth eggs or larvae off.

So, after extracting two mediums, and about six gallons of honey into the process, I decide to begin extracting the deeps.  While I was uncapping my third deep frame, I noticed some webbing and a couple of little white larvae.  F.  I looked into my honey bucket and there was a single larvae swimming in the honey.  Would it kill me? No.  Could I strain it out? Yes.  But who knows if eggs could have made it through the filter.  After doing some reading online and still being unsure about what to do, I called the local bee inspector.  He said I could freeze the honey to kill everything off, but the best thing to do was just to feed the honey back to the bees and let them take care of it.

I agree with the honey inspector.  The last thing I want is a larvae showing up in my honey. So I quarantined six gallons of honey, washed and sterilized all of my equipment again, and started over.

I still got a great harvest -twelve gallons or so. But, now I’ve made more work for myself come fall.  Live and learn, gangstas.  Gangsta, out!


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  1. Tiger lily says:

    Live and learn.


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