Grape Roots

I Heard it Through the GrapevineLast year I planted two grape vines and built an arbor.  It’s really nothing special; a couple of two-by-fours and some paint was all it took.


I dug a hole on either side of a raised bed I was planning to use for the grapes, cemented the arbor in place, and planted the grapes.  I plan to attach some wire to the legs of the arbor and train the grapes onto them.  With any luck, it’ll hide that ugly wood pile.

Anyhow, in doing some research it turns out that you have to prune grapevines back every winter.  In doing so, I made about five cuttings that I thought I’d try to root.  I figured it was a long shot because my plants aren’t mature, and I barely followed the instructions online.  I took the cuttings, rolled them in some rooting hormone, and placed them into an inch of water in a mason jar.  I left them in a sunny window.

I’m always amazed at nature’s resilience.  Wouldn’t you know that, barely two weeks later, the buds on the cuttings began to swell and tiny roots began to emerge.  It turns out that plants just want to grow; they really don’t need us.


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