What You Been Drankin’ On?

What up Gangstas?  I leave a bowl of water outside for my dog.  It’s stainless steel, so I leave it out year round.  In the fall it collects leaves and debris, and I usually clean it in the spring.  The pup loves a drink of rain water. The more stank the better.

For the first time ever, the bees have taken a liking to the dog bowl.  It makes sense; bees use water for a variety of reasons, like cooling the hive.  They use a method of swamp cooling wherein they fan air over the water to evaporate it, removing heat from the hive in the process.

When bees find a water (or floral) source, they communicate information about the source, and the aroma is part of that transfer of information.  So, since the dog bowl is full of decaying leaves, it makes an easy bowl of stank water for the bees to find.

The problem becomes keeping the dog away from the bowl.  If I move, it the bees will have to find another source of water.  If I keep it where it is, I risk the dog getting stung.  The good news is that he’s been accidentally stung before, isn’t allergic, and now keeps good distance from anything that buzzes.


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  1. Michael says:

    The more stank the better


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