Pick Out the Seeds and Stems

Here at the Gangsta Garden, we believe in returning nutrients to the earth. I mean, don’t get me wrong – we’re not crazy about it, and we don’t do a perfect job. But, we do try our best to compost, especially after wine making season.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine

Last year I let the grapes get acclimated, root, and I waited patiently to see if they made it through our Massachusetts winter in a raised bed. BOOH YA! They came back! Now it’s time to seriously begin training them along the trellis that I built. In order to do that, I added some wire onto which the grapes vines could stretch their weary legs.

Grape Roots

Last year I planted two grape vines and built an arbor. It’s really nothing special; a couple of two-by-fours and some paint was all it took. I dug a hole on either side of a raised bed I was planning to use for the grapes, cemented the arbor in place, and planted the grapes. I plan to attach some wire to the legs of the arbor and train the grapes onto them. With any luck, it’ll hide that ugly wood pile.

Gangsta Quilt Box Construction

Some suggest propping the top cover open with popsicle sticks, using an open screened bottom board, and top entrances. All have pros and cons, but the moisture control that I think is best is the moisture quilt, or the quilt box.

Planting the Gangsta Greenhouse

About a week ago I posted The House that Gangsta Built, which described my experience erecting a greenhouse directly in front of three of my bee hives.  The next step of this project was to construct raised beds which would be placed inside. Raise UP! For this, I used fir 2×12 boards, and I simply butted them…

Under Pressure: DIY Honey Bee Feeder

During the coldest parts of winter beekeepers often feed emergency rations using fondant or sugar bricks, but when it’s warmer syrup can be fed. And if it’s warmer still, and the bees can fly regularly, syrup can be open fed using bucket feeders. In this post, we’ll walk through building your own bucket feeder.

The House that Gangsta Built

Late last summer I began putting up a greenhouse from a kit that was gifted to me.  The images below show some of the stages of the project.  The first step was to establish a level foundation on which the greenhouse would sit.  Simple enough, right?  It would have been, except, if you notice in…

Spring in Gangsta Land

Well, it’s almost spring here in gangsta land. And you know what that means: ain’t nothing but a seed thing bayyy-buh.  In the past I’ve always used the 6×12 cell seed starting flats, but this year I though I’d try out something new.  I bought one of the seed starting kits that has the little…